Wife tired of living with tatto addict

Lisa Gordon can’t stand the sight of her tattooed freak show of a husband.



When Lisa first met Keith, it seemed like her quest for a husband was over.

He was older than her, sensible and an office worker with a decent dress sense. This was ideal, this was the gentleman that she was waiting for.

Keith and Lisa on their wedding day in 2002.

Keith and Lisa on their wedding day in 2002.

But 14 years after getting married she now struggles to recognise the man she fell in love with. She can barely stand the sight of him.

Because in over seven year, Keith now 59, has become transformed from her ideal gentleman to one of the most tattooed men in the country. Seven years later he is now covered in body art from head to toe.

Lisa finds the stares at him difficult when they go out in public.

She told the Sunday People: I would never have ­married him if he looked the way he does now. I always wanted a man who appears ­respectable and who the children can look up to.

“Instead I look at him and I think, ‘What have I married?’

“If I could get a magic wand I would wave it and take all the tattoos off. Sometimes I look at his face and try to remember what it used to be like when we met.”

Lisa admits she treasures the ­moments when they are together with the lights out.

“When we’re lying in bed in the dark I don’t see his tattoos

“I can touch his face and ­remember what he used to look like.

“Sometimes when we’re sleeping, I sing that Rhianna song Monster.

“I feel like I’m sleeping with a monster in my bed.”

Keiths back

Keith is an admin worker, and his wife’s refusal to accept the way he looks is hard to take.

“I don’t give a damn about what ­anyone else thinks about me.

“The only thing that does upset me is Lisa not accepting my tattoos. It makes me sad.

“She’s my wife and I do feel like she should support me. I’ve got enough haters.”

Keith’s passion for body art has complex roots.

Lisa said: “At least he doesn’t look old. Before, he did look older but now he looks younger. My friends can’t believe he’s almost 60. They think he’s 30 or 40.”

Keith in his younger days

Keith in his younger days

“Sometimes Keith will point to an old guy with grey hair and say, ‘Do you want me to look like him?’

“That’s the only time I think he maybe looks better.”

Despite her dislike of his tattoos, the couple are still very much in love.

Keith said: “We’re totally ­incompatible but it works. We don’t like anything the same. I like heavy metal but she likes Engelbet Humperdinck.”

And although she thinks his tattoos are ugly – Lisa still fancies Keith.

She laughed as she said: “Sometimes I don’t understand myself why I’ve stayed… when you look at what I ­married and what he looks like now.

“But we’ve been together 14 years and we do love each other. He only looks like a lunatic, but he’s not.

Keith and his family

Keith and his family

“He’s attractive to me because he’s my husband.

“He may be a monster but he’s my monster.”

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