Bear-knuckle clash: Old man KO’s grizzly.

There are two types of people in the world – people who punch on with enormous angry animals and people who – for reasons best known to themselves – flee when confronted with certain death. Carl Moore is one of the former.

Grizzly Encounter... Of the furry kind.

Grizzly Encounter… Of the furry kind.

When the 73-year-old heard his Chihuahua Lacey whimpering outside of his Sacremento, California, home he went to investigate, came face to face with an angry bear and then flogged the ever-loving picnic basket out of it.

“The man or beast that I run from ain’t been born, and his momma’s already dead,” Moore told CBS.

“[The bear] come up like this and turned, boom, I hit him hard.

“I damn corkscrewed his head.”

His long-time friend John Sargent witnessed the bear-knuckle encounter, the network reported.

“Carl just smacks it, I couldn’t believe it. He’s an ex-first recon Marine. He’s been in barroom brawls, all kinda stuff.” he said.

What no Picnic Basket? Well bout I have a bit of a nibble... on you.

What no Picnic Basket? Well bout I have a bit of a nibble… on you.

As remarkable as Moore’s story is, he isn’t the first Northern American senior citizen to try his hand at bear boxing.

In 2009, 77-year-old Tom Wanyandie beat a grizzly with a walking stick until it fled from an attack on him and his 39-year old son.

Others have had even more emphatic victories. A hunter by the name of C. Dale Peterson’s encounter with a bear in Wyoming has passed into legend. A plaque at Jackson Hole recalls his feat: “This bear was taken by World Famous Hunter and Hunting Guide C. Dale Peterson of Jackson Hole, Wy. It is one of only two Grizzlies known to have been killed without the use of modern weaponry,” it reads.

“Verified by Game Biologists, Mr Peterson killed this bear with his hands, and oddly enough, his teeth. It is known that this bear had been aggravated by a group of backpackers, shortly after Peterson, unaware of the previous happenings, came upon the bear. A fight-to-the-death ensued. Peterson, having his right hand and arm wedged in the bear’s throat, actually used his own teeth and jaws to pinch off the bear’s jugular vein. When the bear passed out from lack of blood flow to the brain, Peterson beat the bear upon the head with a stick.”

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