Councilman visits toilet with mic turned on.

A Texas councillor learnt the hard way what happens when you don’t turn your microphone off.

The councillor stepped out for a toilet break during a recent council meeting — but accidentally left his mic on as he used the bathroom.

Unknown to him, his loo visit was broadcast live to the amusement of his colleagues and meeting attendees.

Councilman visits toilet with mic turned on

Councillor Rachael Jonrowe was interrupted by an array of noises which sent her into a fit of hysterics while trying to discuss infectious diseases with her fellow councillors.

Upon his return, she appears not to be able to look him in the eye. She puts her head down in an attempt to calm herself, however this only makes her laugh more and the room becomes terribly awkward as her fellow workers shy away also.

Serious subject: As Mayor Dale Ross (left) left to use the restroom, city councilwoman Rachel Jonrowe (right) started speaking about a resolution on the issue of antibiotic resistance.

To make things worse, it seems the clueless councillor did not wash his hands as no running water was heard over the PA.

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