Two Gay Lovers found out they are half- brothers on TV

Two men found out they were actually half-brothers on television after being in an intimate relationship for two years.

Paul and Lee, who met online, found out the shocking revelation on talk show Jeremy Kyle. The pair decided to take a DNA test after mum Ena noticed an uncanny resemblance between Paul and her ex-husband Ron.

Jeremy-Kyle-Siblings are Gay Lovers

Paul and Lee had never met each other before they started chatting online. Ena had put Paul into foster care when he was 19 months old and the later gave birth to Lee.

On the show, entitled ‘Have I been having sex with my brother,’ the two men are visibly upset when host Kyle breaks the news to them.

“The test results show that you two … you’re half brothers,” Kyle said.

The men sit in stunned silence for 20 seconds, clearly shaken up the results.

Kyle then asks the men: ‘What does that do to you?’

Lee said he felt sick.

“It makes me basically horrible. I can’t describe it,” he said.

Ena said she was looking forward to getting to know Paul, the son she gave up all those years ago.

I guess family reunions are going to be a tad awkward…


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