Female disguises as male to trick female friend into sex.

A woman has told police of her disbelief when she found out her “boyfriend” was actually a female friend, a court has heard.

Allegedly, Gayle Newland used bandages and tape to hide her female body and strapped on a sex toy as a penis.

The 25 year old, who went by the male name “Kye Fortune,” would order her victim to wear a blindfold and scarf during a five month long intimate relationship, a jury heard.

Newland also wore swimmers and a woolly hat to complete her disguise, it was claimed.

She denies a number of counts of sexual assault by penetration saying that the woman knew and it was all part of a consensual fantasy.


“When they did eventually meet, the defendant insisted the complainant wore a blindfold so she could not see the defendant’s true identity,” Prosecutor Matthew Corbett-Jones said.

“The defendant would then emerge from the bathroom.

“She was wearing a swimming costume with bandages binding her chest and a hat to disguise her hair.

“The defendant explained this was necessary because of the injuries he had sustained,” Corbett-Jones added.

“She believed she was having sexual intercourse with a male.”

Chester Crown Court also heard the pair only had sex on the condition that the woman did not touch Kye’s penis.


But in one sex session, the victim became suspicious and removed the blindfold and exposed Newland’s vile crime.

A day after being exposed, she attempted to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge.

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