Accidental Penis Stories and Images.

Penis Accident

Good Day Colorado Accidentally Broadcasts Actual Penis Picture.

Good Day Colorado Accidentally Broadcasts Actual Penis Picture.

Censored version above.

Ok, most of these accidental penises are in the eye of the beholder, but this accidental penis is, well… a penis. During a live broadcast covering a helicopter crash near Seattle’s Space Needle, Good Day Colorado was airing pictures of the scene from a Twitter feed. And, lo and behold, one of them was a penis pic. The anchors laughed it off, but Fox31 issued a statement saying “we are taking immediate steps to prevent such an accident from happening again.”

Watch the video below.

(Video is uncensored).


News Anchorwoman with Penis-Shaped Neckline.

News Anchorwoman with Penis-Shaped Neckline

In Australia, Ten Weekend News presenter Natarsha Belling’s blouse caused a worldwide gigglefest when she appeared on the Australian program wearing a green jacket for St. Patrick’s Day with a neckline that reminded many of a penis.

A photo of her “wardrobe malfunction” has been liked on Facebook over 110,000 times. “The news should be about the news, not what you’re wearing,” was Ms. Belling’s only comment about the incident.

Church Looks Like Penis from Above.

Church Looks Like Penis from Above

A Christian Science church being built in Dixon, Illinois was intentionally designed around an adjoining oak tree. However, when viewed from above on Google Earth, it seemed to look like a penis. After the image went viral, church officials said they would not adjust the design, but at least they had a sense of humor about it. “Giant fig leaf coming soon,” was posted on their Facebook page.

Penis Shaped Map of Town.

Penis Shaped Map of Town Goes Viral

A map sponsored by the Canal River & Trust of Berkhamsted got a few snickers when the drawing appeared to resemble a penis. The map intended to boost awareness of the “region” and accomplished its task when the image quickly went viral.

Although they thought it was all in good fun and didn’t take it down, a spokesman for the Trust said “obviously we’re not going to be setting out to make any maps we produce in the future look phallic.”

Robot Draws Penis on Mars.

Robot Draws Penis on Mars.

The space rover Curiosity was sent by NASA to Mars to see if there was (or is) any life on the Red Planet. However, during its investigations, it seems to have accidentally drawn a penis with its track patterns. The photo was sent back to Earth and a link posted on Reddit/Funny. NASA servers subsequently crashed from the all traffic. That proves that with even countless degrees and study, one cannot resist a burnout.

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